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Blogging requires quite a bit of things to be successful. So where were we, before I got side tracked. Oh yeah I remember the niche thing. If you already have it then you have a good start. So what other things do you need. First of all you need a good platform to write your blog. Namely a domain and a host that can help you along the way. Make sure you research what will best fit your needs. And most importantly one that has a good package deal. Take 1&1 hosting for example. This host provided me with exactly what I needed to get rolling with this Blog Site.

1&1 Hosting…..

Blogging could not be simpler than doing it here. They have a built in blog builder. So that is a plus for the beginner. As for me I added the Word Press Builder for a few bucks more. This was due to the fact that my first site was Word Press based. But if you paid attention before, you will find I had purchased the entire deal, with content included. For a higher price and with less than desirable turnout than I expected. But hey I was looking for a quick jump start into making money. Not to mention I have two mentors who are pointing me in the right direction.

Let’s Keep it rolling shall we?

If you are just doing the basic blog you will still want to bring viewers to your site. Sure face book might be a good way to start especially if you have a lot of friends and followers. But there other ways to drive more traffic to your site other than good Ole F.B.  Here is one I discovered this morning. Fan Page Robot

Blogging Social Robot

Hey I should be keeping this stuff to myself. But that would be greedy of me then wouldn’t it? So we both can go grab it. More details to come later but for now I gave you a direct link there.Now do not forget about Twitter and Pintrest or Instagram either. These are already provided tools for getting followers. Especially when you have them already. You are going to love the one offer I have up my sleeve. Now if you are already experienced and want to jump in right away I will share how I did it.

Blog With Rory    

Let me say this. Hands down this is the ultimate program for quick start link post blogging. You will quickly learn his methods of how to set up your blog site. And he also provides you with online support assigns you a mentor. Starts you with affiliate programs  to try out right from day one. Of course you will want to strike out on your own to find more affiliate offers The skies the limit when you search for them. Trust me there’s a few times I get to talk to   Rory himself. This mans mind will process them in seconds to determine if he wants to jump on board or not.

Blogging Rory Ricord
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This guys program has opened more doors for me than we both imagined! I thank him once again. So everyone I gave you some more pointers on how to get started. Trust me this not the last of them. Be sure to keep coming back to learn as I will be learning with you also. I even took the opportunity to his fast track blogging.

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