Cash Link Ads?

Welcome to Cash Link Ads. Question. Do you own a computer? Of  course you do. Question 2. Do you want to make money with your computer? Well I know the answer to that. How about question 3. Would you believe me if I told you there was a way you could make money just by clicking ads, banners etc etc? Good cash? Probably not huh? But first let’s define good money. Well that is all in the eye of the beholder.  And Cash Link Ads states that it is not a get rich quick site. I almost passed it down when I read that statement.

However I decided to dip my feet in the water.After all it was free to sign up for. Did I make a thousand bucks today. Of course I didn’t. Hey if someone really knows how to do that without sinking tons of cash into MLM or referral schemes let me know. So what are we talking about here?

Cash Link Ads what a deal

Cash Link Ads is free……

However there are also premium levels you can pay for. Thus upon doing so you can earn more faster. You might remember me making statements about not paying money to make money online before. On the other hand this is possibly the one time that I actually do pay to gain. Let’s do some math shall we? A free member pays nothing. However their commission earned is a penny per Cash Solo ad viewed. And half of that per other ads and banners viewed. But……. A one time payment lifetime of $10.00 turns it into. See the chart below.


Compare Memberships
Membership Prices PRO JV SUPER JV
Cost FREE $4.99/Lifetime $9.99/Lifetime
Commissions PRO JV SUPER JV
PAID Pro Referrals $0.01 $0.08 $0.15
PAID JV Referrals $0.50 $2.50 $3.00
PAID SUPER JV Referrals $1.00 $2.99 $5.00
Commission Referral Purchases 5% 12% 25%
Cash Solo Ad Clicks $0.01 $0.05 $0.10
HP Cash Solo Ad Clicks $0.02 $0.10 $0.20
Set & Forget Cash Solo Ad Clicks $0.01 $0.05 $0.10
Cash Text Ads Clicks $0.005 $0.02 $0.07
468×60 Cash Banner Clicks $0.005 $0.02 $0.07
125×125 Cash Banner Clicks $0.005 $0.02 $0.07

Your one time fee is made back almost as quick as you paid it!

And of course as you can see there are other ways to make cash with this awesome site. How much? I am not sure yet. Because I am not a premium member yet. Want to try it out free or premium Click Right Here

As for me I’m about to take the full plunge. I’ll keep you posted!