Connie’s Cakes And More

Introducing Connie’s Cakes and more. Looking to make a cake for that special occasion? Perhaps you need some pointers on how to go about doing so. Well you have come to the right place. I have been decorating cakes for about 15 years now. Although I might not be perfect at the art of cake decorating, I believe I can provide you with tips and tricks on how to improve cake decorating. And I definitely provide you with estimates for creating cakes.


However at the time being I am just enjoying showing off some of my creations. So you the reader can decide if my credentials are worthy of your search. I have worked for several store chain bakeries. However when working for someone else one cannot unlock their true potential.Store chain bakeries set certain guidelines on how you are supposed to decorate. These guidelines are below my recommendations.



Even though it looks nice one can see that it came from a store. And nothing says I care like home decorated cakes!

Connie’s Cakes From Home

Other than the one above, every cake that I am showing you here was made right from my own kitchen. Therefore I ask you not to mind the background scenery. These cakes were made for friends and family. They were so pleased that they recommended that I start putting some kind of ” advertising” out there. However I am not advertising to sell cakes yet. That requires a license. Which brings up one tip. If you plan on selling cakes from home you have to meet certain criteria in order to get a license to do so.


Sorry about the blurry image. But as you can tell a lot of work went in to making this cake for my grand son. Such a simple kit. He loves trucks! And just like most other boy’s he loves playing in dirt. When it comes to decorating with kit’s think outside the box. Nothing show’s someone you care like being able to add theme to their cake. It does not have to be just icing and words. My husbands best friend loved the cake below!


Here is the cool part. That is a remote control car! So not only does the recipient get a beautifully decorated piece they can play with the toys too. As you can see by this work I really do have a knack when it comes to decorating. Thus the reason I have decided to begin sharing publicly. Please have patience. Whereas I have experience with decorating I lack experience in writing. Blogging is very new to me. So as I develop the information, my author will add it. In the meantime if you would like tips on cake decorating leave me a comment here. That way I can respond quickly. Not only will I share tips. I will be providing you a totally amazing amazon store link to get all of your cake decorating accessories including cookbooks more tips baking accessories etc etc.


As from the images you see above they are only birthday pieces. However I am not limited to only this. I have experience with other cakes too. Such as wedding anniversary and more.When I receive inquiries from you my readers on specific topics I will be able to assist you better. And if I am unable to assist you, I can provide you with links to what you need. Feel free to come back for updates. And remember to leave comments.