Google Adsense Finally is here! That is correct and how I got them placed there is pretty simple. Thus I am going to let you in on how I did that in a while. Now I have discussed Google Adsense in my posts and previous pages before. But now I want to emphasize on the importance of it. Google being one of the top search engines out there is one of the biggest advertisement companies as well. Think about it. Companies with high selling products do not just place their ads on t.v or in papers anymore. Because they can skip the middle man editors and expenses of air time by using the web. Hence gain a higher profit rate from what they sell.

Google Adsense Finally
Click Here Now To Monetize

And the place pictured above is how we the bloggers can monetize from it. Simply the best way to make money from your blog spot other than link post blogging. Let me break it down for you a little. Companies who use the internet to advertise seek out Google Adverts. This is where they bid on web space to place their advertisements on. Google charges them cost per click fees. The blogger signs up for Google Ad Sense thus offering space on their blog spot. Once approved by Google Ad Sense you simply copy the ad code and paste into a text widget.(Word Press has this option in the paid hosted version).

You can place ads from Google in up to three widget spaces. I think that is the maximum. However I have not tried pressing the limit.

Moving Right Along………

This is awesome everyone! With Google AdSense Finally you can monetize from your blog with ease. As we all know Google Search tracks each user. And is able to pop up ads that are relevant to what the user has researched. Look up cars a lot. And Car ads will display for the user who views your pages or posts. So let’s say I am viewing your page on dogs for example. Google will place an ad in the widget space by say like a dog food company. If it catches my eye and I am interested I click the ad. Viola you get paid. How much you get paid depends on the ad placed there. 25 cents or up to larger payoffs of a couple of dollars.

Now I know what you are thinking. Oh gee a couple of bucks big deal. Well my friends if you gain ten thousand views on one of your pages and 100 of those viewers click on that same ad you hit pay dirt. Here is another useful bit of information. The more content you have in your pages or posts the less space there is left to contend for. Thus the bids go up for that valued space.

Content Key?

Yes it is. It’s not just how much content you have. It also deals with the type of content you have. Google has some pretty strict content rules. Therefore if you have a page or post that has certain words like explicit words or pictures more than likely ad widgets will be left blank. In addition Google Ad Sense might ban you if you continue to violate policies. However a good blogger will know how to write around these types of obstacles! Trust me there is more than one way to skin a cat. But let us not get carried away. I am willing to eventually let you in on more of the does and don’ts at another time. This is basically about Google AdSense Finally being available. And how to get it fast. Not to mention how to beef up those ads too.

Google AdSense Finally makes sense!

No bones about it beginning bloggers are probably going to get discouraged if they apply for Google Ad Sense. Trust me I was frustrated with my first site taking for what seemed an eternity to finally start seeing Ads on it. However my determination and persistence finally paid off. As will yours should you decide to take this route! This site only took less than 10 minutes before Ads became live after I applied the training I received. And there are only 4 Posts and 6 Pages! How is it possible to gain Google Ad Sense with so little amount of content. The answer is simple. The one post consisted of over 1000 words. And some of my pages are pretty close to that. So what seems little actually is not.

Keep At It……..

I have faith in you the future blogger. Furthermore be furtive and creative. The words of a blogger can be very powerful, influential! Not to mention lucrative. I am very pleased to have taken on this site as a new project. I originally set it up as a back up( for a very good reason) if I say so myself. And I do say so myself. One month after setting it up my other site crashed and it took weeks to get it back up again. Needless to say I also had to start over from scratch on it. Oh the discouragement was terrible. Not only that I lost a lot of needed Plug Ins that are useful for the blogger. However I kept at it. And now that Google AdSense Finally is available this site is fully charged!

Are You Up To The Challenge??????

If you are then kudos. My fellow bloggers I am going to share a secret with you. Before I entered the world of blogging, my typing skills were atrocious. And I certainly had no idea of really what to write. Now I am receiving offers for jobs from internet marketing agencies every day. So now not only do I have two active sites. I also have the power to earn more money. Will I ever take one of those offers? Someday perhaps I will. However I think for now I will just enjoy the power I feel from being able to freely express anything I please! Maybe you the reader think I jumped off the subject a tad bit. And if I did I apologize. I am just putting my success out there. And hopefully I am delivering something I find helpful to my viewers. Keep coming back.






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