Hello And Welcome All.

Hello everybody. When I say everybody that’s what I mean. Most of my friends know I have been working on blogging for a month now. So now everyone knows too. I have been researching right from day one on how to write posts and create pages. And how to add all kinds of crazy things with the blogging. See Pic below.¬†OR Click Here¬†


Pretty neat right. Yeah it’s cool. Well It took a while to learn all the tips and tricks. And guess what, I am not done by a long shot. Not only have I been working on writing posts and pages. I have been studying up on how to get recognized on the web too. This is a long tedious journey. When I first started this project. I was mainly monetary driven. Thus a sucker for the ones already in the business.

How many of you just clicked there? What did you experience? Was it something you would visit again. I hope so. And if not I can understand why. Like I said before I jumped into this monetarily driven. Not once did my brain stop to think analyze the possibility of failure.

I just looked then said yep that’s for me and away I went. I can attest it is not that simple. Oh the writing is and placing links is. But recognition is the key. Anyone who sets their mind to it can type and display posts and pages. Or do like me when I started buy the site and modify content at first.

Content and recognition…..

Original content will bring you the recognition. Because the more unique your content the better. I am willing to bet this post alone will get more readers than I imagine. Stay tuned for more to come on this matter.





  • To my readers or followers. Okay I have been taking notice to a lot of new registers coming here. Even though I enjoy the growing following, there seems to be a security issue. Ten people all register on the same day with emails that are say suspicious. I am going to say this once and once only. If I suspect any attempt by any user to hack this site I will delete everyone from here. If you are legit then answer this comment and provide a real email address. I have put a lot of time and effort into this site, and wish that it remains pure. That is all . Thanks again Happy Blogging!


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