Yes you heard correctly I am introducing galleries finally! I have been doing so much research on how to set this up for users to my site on multiple levels. Not to mention many nights and days trying to get it just right. I think you the viewers will enjoy this very much. Furthermore I will coach those of you future bloggers in how to do so if you are interested. In addition to providing free galleries content, there are options to restrict galleries to be viewed by members only. Here is where it gets better. I also learned how to restrict content too.

Introducing Galleries Finally Opened many doors.

As I have stated above about limiting access to content and galleries,now I have the ability to add free subscription to them. Furthermore I can limit them to paying members!  Not to mention I can prevent content and galleries from being copied by other bloggers! I am still experimenting with this method. Thus when I gain more knowledge I will pass it on to you.

Introducing galleries finally
Click Here For Example one

See the picture above. Well I could present it many ways to the viewer. First of all I could embed a link in it that will direct you to another site. Not only that I can block anyone from copying it. See for yourself. Try right clicking on the image and you will not gain access to copy or inspect the image address.  By the same token I can insert the entire gallery itself in link form inside a KeywordGo ahead click on the bold keyword to see what I mean. I can even place other links to other images inside the image. Or a redirect to page and so forth. Go ahead left click on the picture to find out.

Introducing Galleries Finally

Here is example number two. Simply click on the picture below and you will be redirected to another picture.

Example 2
Example 3


I must say this is very cool! Now for example 3 lets use another picture shall we. Believe me this is off the wall people. I could not think of a more lucrative advantage for us bloggers. In reality you future bloggers can prosper very well without having to resort to advertising through Google Adsense and other methods.  Be sure to return for more! After all I love giving pointers out! Any questions or thoughts? Leave me a comment.

Introducing Galleries Update….

Yes there are updates. Not only have I figured out how to add mages and videos to galleries but I have also figured out how to create GIF images too. There are so many ways we can benefit from this. Mine is by attracting various audiences from all over the world. The more they see the more they click. Thus making the ad networks go nut on bidding for my widget space.