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You know I have been doing this thing called LINK POST BLOGGING  for quite some time now. And I am not going to sugar coat it. It works to an extent. But not even close as to what my expectations where  when I signed up for it! So if you are wondering why I am writing about it, I’ll tell you. First of all I am a Rory Ricords member. I signed up for his make money Link post Blogging a while back.

  Oh yes it started out great at first. All that beautiful pre generated content there for me to work with. All I had to do was modify it. And go through the whole rigmarole of getting it posted in advertising etc etc. However as time went on and I did my homework in hopes of achieving that dream so many of us have about being better off financially via internet affiliate marketing. And still have, I realized I was failing. Read on to see why.

Link Post Blogging Research……

For starters one must know that research is required in order to be successful on how to draw traffic in. So let’s begin with that. Let’s get down to the aspect of Keywords. How about Link Post Blogging for starters. It doesn’t exist zilch nothing! Not in Keywords at least. But google search will bring it up. And the cool part is it will bring this page up in the search engine very soon. Now let’s move on to as how we are applying methods to getting noticed.  Nine times out of 10 if you are a Rory Ricords member yourself you have followed his teachings, and videos on how to bring traffic in. And 10 out of 10 of you have posted your material in 

Link Post Blogging ad blasting

Does this work?

Most certainly it does. In fact almost too well. People if you are a Link Post Blogger and in the Rory Ricords Program like me. It takes time and knowledge of how to get your self noticed. If there is one thing that Rory and our mentors have taught us originality is key! Say for instance in Classifieds For Free. Notice how many ads look like what you have posted? Hopefully you did not think you were the only one who posted Guys Improve Your Sex Life ad in about a gazillion places.  What about Fuller Lips from Candy Lipz? Yep there they are about a billion of them. Just Like yours. And here’s the worst part. Not only the same Header is used. Everyone is sending traffic to duplicate pages. So what does work? Originality # 1 

Originality why?

 Without a doubt if you are struggling with getting traffic this could be one of the leading causes. Remember everyone is competing for the almighty traffic.  And without originality you will not be gaining it to your full potential.  However this can be avoided. Don’t be like everyone else. Sure the material is great. But it definitely can be improved by YOU!  Rory and mentors say around 20% alterations should be sufficient. I myself strive for the tops and will not settle for less.

  Now please do not get me wrong. Because I  have kept one or two original landing pages. In case you are wondering why,Ill tell you. Simply because it takes up space and it is great material to build from. Build from is that a typo? No it’s a point I cannot express enough.  Now as I get time I will eventually completely tear those pages apart. And either reconstruct them or trash them all together. Pay attention here classmates. I will not be trashing them just for the sake of it. However what works for others might not work for me!

Link Post Blogging… Being Original…..

Thinking outside of the box works best. Let’s take a look at those classified ads again. Because  I cannot stress enough what catches the reader eye is the most important part of our blogging arsenal. So that being said here’s an example. Guys Improve Your Sex Life.  How about Guys Improve Your Intimate Relations Do not knock it those two simple words have the same meaning. Not only that it also helps when it comes to getting those awesome google ad sense placed in your site. It is a proven fact that there are guidelines in Googles ad sense policy and advertisers tend to shy away from certain topics and an empty widget space is potentially lost money! 

More Food For Thought……..

Not only the ad headers should be considered.  You will want to think about what you place in the body of the ad itself. I am not joking with you. I have learned from my own experience that viewers do not want to read the same thing they found in my landing pages that they already saw in my ads body. How do I know this I got emails from them telling me so. Remember this the ads we post are to draw viewers to our landing pages.

Most important of all…….

Is the links themselves. These are our gateways to success and a misplaced one or incorrect one is harmful to our potential. I am not the only one who has made this mistake. I enjoy perusing the classifieds for free ads. To see exactly whats the hype. And at times when I come across a url that I know is a classmates url I come up with a redirect or an invalid page.  

Did I just say most important of all?

I suppose I did. There I went and typed before I thought. Again Originality Originality Originality! Take a good look at this page or any others if you choose. What is the thing that sticks out the most? The layout of them. The theme itself! I have only found one other fellow link post blogger that decided to turn it up a notch and go with a different theme. It really works!



I’m not knocking the program. In fact I love it. Because Rory knows his stuff. I still have my original site. And since I was provided with all this potential by these experts I decided to expand my horizons. I went and purchased this site and completely changed my theme and most of the content too. After all like Rory says so himself keep them clicking! 



I might not have the same genius as Rory himself. However I do have a very strong potential to draw traffic in. And most certainly know how to gain attention! If your wondering how I Know this I’ll fill you in on that in  future posts.  Be sure to follow this   LINK  to join this awesome income pulling machine. And when you find that sweet spot milk it for all it’s worth!



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