Yes my Secret Success is now open for you to check out. I have been telling you all about my adventures in link post blogging. Now it is time to deliver you to the man who made it possible for my success. Rory Ricords is the one responsible for making my Secret Success Open with Link Post Blogging. Hence I am getting ready to send you on a journey with him. However before I do, I will warn you that it is a long journey. Is it worth it? The answer is yes!  When I first started his program I was very skeptical. But then a few things happened along the way.

Secret Success Open Questionable…..

Well of course it was questionable. I was just starting out looking for a way to gain more income without finding a second job. My main income is in glass manufacturing. And that job is a very strenuous one at that! Even though the pay is good, it isn’t exactly great. Thus the reason I was looking for a secondary income. Something without adding more hours of physical labor to my schedule. Therefore I began researching online to find something that would be easy to work at from home. Do not knock it everyone. As Rory points out, the wide world of web is growing every moment we breathe. Companies are constantly converting to using the internet for advertising their products. And we the bloggers can monetize from it.

In The Beginning……

Like I said being new to this I was not going to just jump into something I had no idea about. By the same token I wanted to act fast. When I found Mr. Ricord’s program something told me this was the way to go. Oh you should have seen me a few short months ago. Eager to make extra cash with no idea on how to do it. The program Rory offers is pretty self explanatory. Just follow his directions and have faith. This is not a get rich quick scheme. That being said, if this is what you are looking for I strongly suggest you find an alternative method.

Secret Success Open Cash
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However if you are determined and willing to follow instructions then this program is right up your ally. Here is what happened along the way. I had no typing skills. (However not really needed when I gained them it was a major plus). I had no creativity which is another plus. It helps draw a crowd of readers. And believe me I can get very creative in a quick second. And most of all I had no patience at first. I went through a time of just plain wanting to call it quits. But now I am seeing the results Rory said I would see. Just click the picture above to find out how I did it.

Secret Success Open Now…

I can spend hours probably going over all the details of my trial and errors of link post blogging. However I will not bore you with all those details. So where did my secret success open? And when did it open? The very first day I signed up to Rory’s Program. I did the homework and still have a lot to do. But now I am enjoying the freedom of doing it at my leisure. All I have to do anymore is go research a product I want to promote, get the link for it and type away. After I create that wonderful eye catching landing page I take the link for it and place it in free advertisements via the web. This is all explained in Rory’s Program

What happens next? Well that depends on whether I catch the readers eye or not. I have my methods of finding out if I succeeded or bombed. Ultimately it is up to us to decide how much work we put into link post blogging. As for me like I said mainly all I am doing now is sitting and watching my profits and popularity grow. Click Here for an amazing way to assist in monetizing with link post blogging.


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