Hey I offer My SINCEREST APOLOGIES. Furthermore I want to thank you for joining me. Well at least registering here. I am sorry to say that I have been negligent in the continuance on my part. However I do appreciate your enthusiasm.I am going to be honest with you all. When I started this blog site I was not expecting the recognition for it that quick. In fact I wasn’t expecting very much recognition at all. Furthermore my current job and my other site have kept me away from here. If you wish to view my other site then I will add the link again. CLICK HERE to view. For everyone that has read my recent content and have made comments on it I appreciate that also. 

My Sincerest Apologies Again…….

I would like to further say I am sorry for not responding to your comments. And the reasons why they might not show up when you post them. One of those reasons is I am still very new to the Word Press platform for blogging. Thus I haven’t figured quite how to enable comments for my pages and posts.Maybe there is one of you who use the same platform as I do and can point me in the right direction. Another reason is that I have a certain Plug In Called Askimet Anti Spam. This plug in will block spam or categorize certain comments as spam. Forgive me but I have my reasons for a secure site. Image result for secure website logo

That being said we can take another route for now. I will gladly correspond via e-mail with you all until I can get this comment thing under my belt. Just leave your comments as usual. And I will pop in and read them and respond via email accordingly. So now that we got that off the plate let us dive into some more interesting blog biz shall we? Ladies and Gentlemen when I said before about the notion of monetizing with this site it was just a thought. However that thought is becoming a reality very soon. Imagine this folks, staying at home and typing your way to a financial success. Someday never having to do anything but exercise the digits!

My Sincerest Apologies once more…..

Yes My Sincerest Apologies once more for not sharing this all with you before. Remember I am fairly new to this still. And I had to test the waters out before directing you into this journey. However I feel now the time is right so here we go. As you have read in my previous posts I have said that content is key. In addition to that you have to have the ability to spot good stuff to promote. This is done by becoming an affiliate member to say like E Bay or Amazon. Now I am sure you all might be on your way to doing this yourselves, but here are a couple of more great places to sign up to promote vendors offers.

All You have to do is have the knowledge on how to copy generated links for you the affiliate. And then insert them inside pictures or words. Click Bank is one of the best places to go for getting offers to promote. They have every thing from Arts And Entertainment To Travel to select offers from.

Sincerest Apologies Click Bank Hey Check It Out For Yourselves.

It was just that simple. I pulled this image of the place I am telling you to check out. Then went and copied the link, and inserted it into the picture. And before you say it,no I am not trying to sell you anything on this page. The link above and the next one are strictly for example only. Now CLICK HERE for your next example! Pretty neat if I must say so myself. And I do say so myself. Can’t you see this is the latest trend for at home jobs. All it requires is dedication of a couple of hours a day. Or more if you really want to get serious about it.

Moving Right Along Now…..

Now the next thing you need to be able to do is get your content and offers noticed. Coming soon I am going to introduce you to the place where I began learning on how to do so. But for the time being that is kept confidential for now. So where were we? Oh yeah getting your content and offers noticed. This requires strategic placement of your posts and landing pages pages in advertising agencies and on social media. Facebook and You Tube are two of many ways to socially attract visitors to your site. If you have a following on Facebook or a channel on You Tube you are on your way to success already!

Want Another Example Of Content Being Key……

It’s plastered right in this very post! Good readability and takes up space on your site. This is crucial for gaining advertising from one of the biggest search engines GOOGLE. Yes Google has a thing called Google Ad Sense. It is where you go sign up to share space on your site with advertisers from everywhere. Pay attention when you finally are able to get this. Because there is also Google Adverts. This is the place where those companies go to bid on your web space and they pay per click. If you take notice to the ad at the side of my pages you will see the widget showing an ad from another PPC Program. Ad Click Media.


Blogging takes a lot of determination and dedication. It also takes knowledge of what to write when to write it and how to write it. Inside this site there are back pages that I am not bringing into the open public of internet yet. Because they are meant to be viewed by a targeted audience only. I want to be able to make this site user friendly for everyone. On that note I am ending this post. However In the future I will be adding more pages on tips and information of this discussion. Keep coming back for more