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No Kidding I think I have found the only way that we can add Specific Posts to specific pages while keeping the specific post from the Home Page. That is if you want to keep your posts page as your home page.  Thoughts of building another static page crossed my mind. However what I am about to share with you might still be of assistance. Not to mention the fact of spending a lot of time figuring this out. Apparently many others have tried seeking methods to accomplish the same thing. Albeit said from the content I have read about it, I came up with dead ends.

Specific Posts Specific Pages How…

First let me congratulate you all for coming so far in the blogging world. Now let me ask you a question. Why are we looking to place Specific Posts to Specific Pages?  I know, I know because we don’t want a food post being placed in an exercise post. I know for a fact many of you seeking to do what I have done have that specific reason in mind. However I have ulterior motives. Hence driving me to completely engulf myself in the matter. And I was willing to take certain risks to get what I wanted.

Control the visibility of items on your blog by making posts/pages hidden on some parts , while still visible in other parts and search engines.


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Specific Posts But How?

Okay Keeping in mind that I said about certain risks being involved. Now check out the plug in shown above. Here is the risk. It had not been tested with my version of Word Press. Come to think of it all the hide posts plugins were not tested for my version. Here is the problem some of the untested plugins have caused sites to completely crash. However if you are like me and am willing to take the risk then let us continue.  Upon uploading and activating this plugin I went to any post page I wanted to hide from the front page. I clicked on edit then scrolled down there it was.

The post visibility drop down menu.


Remove post from Meta rel link In Single Post page.

Pretty neat right? Now there is a lot of different option boxes to check off  with this plug in. None the less the one that I needed the most was the second box you see on the image above.

Specific Posts part 2

This plug in works great for me so far. As you will see this post does not appear on my home page. But wait how do I place a post to a specific page you ask. Relax we are getting there. In order to do the next part we need yet another plugin.

This plugin adds a widget to display a list of posts in the WordPress sidebar.

The two most important parts of this widget are called getting posts and displaying posts.Getting posts allows you to pick the post you want with many options. I configured mine by using the get these posts exactly by post i.d. Next go to the displaying posts section. It will look like this.

Define here which elements you want to display in the widget.

The title of the post




Use 0 to leave the length unchanged.


The text of the post

For informations regarding these types of text, please see here.

See what i have selected that is all you need to do. I  used 16 words for words for the excerpt length for this post. And used the excerpt up to more tag option .Now pay close attention we are coming to the close of it all.

Specific Posts Finalization.

There is just one more plug in that you will need to complete your desired task. It’s called Display widgets. I use this plug in to place specific ads categories pages etc etc on certain pages only. Let’s move on now. After creating your post use the hide post option at the bottom of the editor to hide it from your home page. Next place your new post in the Display Posts Widget. Finally use the display widget option to hide the display posts widget from wherever you do not want the post display to show up. Not too hard is it. Now if you wish to place posts targeted for different pages you must place a new Display Widget post in your widget spaces and use it as described.  And finally check your work.

However you will see my works example by viewing these pages. Check out the Posts 1 title on the So You Want To Be A Blogger Let Me Assist You page for example 1. And then Posts 2 on Reps Crazy World Of Blogging. Last but not least check out my home page to see what posts I excluded from it. Furthermore feel free to comment if you need any further instructions.

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