Storm Chasing……

Storm chasing has become more widely popular within the past few years. For the life of me I do not know why. Storms are violent and unpredictable. Hence one false move and your goose is cooked man. So why do we put ourselves at risk by trying to chase them.

Storm Chasing

Looks like risky business if you ask me. I guess for some people it’s the thrill that drives them to chasing after storms. And then again for others it is to help gain the knowledge in order to be able to help others by providing useful information to warn others ahead of time the impending danger. On the other hand, for some it is the sheer beauty of mother natures awesome power.

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And the fact that they could possibly be putting themselves in danger seems not to affect them very much. Check This Out.   With the way mother nature has changed with the past few years storms seem to be becoming more intense at times. And more frequent than ever before.  In addition to the possibility of being injured or even dying while storm chasing, people are starting to squawk about storm chasers vehicles overcrowding the roads.

This hinders emergency responders who might be en route to assist someone who has been affected by the storm that every one is trying to catch a peek of and record. I do not exactly know of the fatalities of storm chasers statistics themselves. But I am sure you can find them somewhere.

Storm Chasing can…..

Be very time consuming and costly as well as dangerous. People spend a lot of cash on purchasing all the latest tools of the trade. In addition to paying for gas in order to keep after or head of the storm. Tornado chasers design and build vehicles to withstand the awesome power of a twister in hopes they can actually get inside the vortex.

This to me is absolutely crazy. And I can guarantee that I would not do such a thing at all. I have seen mother natures fury plenty of times without being subject to a tornado. But instead I got to see a lightning strike that momentarily made me blind and deaf at the same time.

Well I hope you all enjoyed this little article that I put out there. I will probably write more on it as I gain more knowledge on the subject. In the meantime check out this short video.


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