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Introducing Traffic Blaster……  Looking for a way to increase traffic to your website or blog spot? Perhaps you do not have the funding to pay for advertisements like me. Or maybe you just do not like handing out cash for empty promises.  Of course you are. Otherwise you would not be sitting here looking at this page.

Traffic Blaster Easy Hits 4U
One Of The Best Ways To Get Noticed Fast And Free

When I started blogging I had no idea what I was up against when it came to getting noticed via the web.  With the web populous growing by the second competing for recognition is. Well let’s just say quite hard. Especially if you are working with little or no funding to get good traffic results.  Of course the almighty Google Search engine as well as others are there. However keep in mind everyone else knows that. Furthermore there are many other known ways to be able to draw traffic.

Traffic Blaster Easy Free Hits……..

Before we get into the details of what this about let’s review some things first. We all know that drawing traffic relies on things such as Key Words and good content. We all know there are free ad posting sites. As well as paid advert sites too. Yes these work to an extent. However there’s that word extent. The one thing I have never done. And never will do ever.  Is to pay for web advertisement. After all are we not the ones who are looking to make money via the net. Without having the cost of paying in order to do so. This system ensures that you will get noticed faster and has money making potential as well. As a matter of fact I am getting traffic flow right now. As I type this page.

Traffic Blaster How it works
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So just how does this Traffic Blaster Easy Hits 4 U work. Unfortunately I am not enough of a web genius to be able to describe it to you. However I will give  you a now whats that word called. Ah yes interpretation of it. Simply put it’s like the old adage. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. You can do like me and sign up absolutely free. Then all you do is visit other web pages and for each one you visit you get your page visited back! Maybe you have the money to invest for better faster results. If that’s the case great! They have three different membership levels. And many other ways to get noticed faster. 

Free Easy Hits Cool…..

Here is the cool part. You actually never have to leave your profile page to visit other sites. They deliver them to you to view for 15 to 20 seconds. Then you will see a prompt telling you the next page is available. Not only that they have like a anti spam set up. You just do a simple math equation or a picture match up. And viola. You are off visiting another page. And in return gaining credits toward advert banners text ads etc etc. Not to mention the other people scratching your back. So you can see how this is a win win situation.  Especially for me. Because I am getting noticed gaining associates and even friends too. 

Do not pass this opportunity up. Since I signed up this month with Easy Hits 4 U I have gained a stunning 150,000 visitors. With 3 Weeks to go who knows how much more I will gain.  For the most part it’s free. And so simple to use. Click Here now. And get noticed like wildfire.

Traffic Blaster…………. summary.

Why did I choose this to post on? Because I enjoy delivering great ideas on methods for everyone to achieve results. Not tell them something to try just for the sake of it.  And I am not afraid to admit falling prey to particular scams via the web. However I learned quickly from them. Hence is why I am very particular when it comes to the make money online bit.  With Easy Hits 4 U there is no second guessing. On the other hand unfortunately there are advertisers there who do look shady. This is not avoidable when it comes to traffic there. Or anywhere for that matter. Just pay attention to what you do and who you view.  In a nutshell go for it. I did and the results I got exceeded my expectations.

Traffic Blaster wait hold on a minute…….

I’m sorry about this. But when I see something I like I go for it. Almost too quickly. I am having a BLAST with the above mentioned site. However there are many more like it. What does that mean? MORE TRAFFIC than you can shake a car at lol. During my surfing I kept coming across other free traffic sites. Because they were posted for me to view in order to get viewed. Therefore a realization came to my mind. “Hey dummy”. “Why just view the sites when you can be using them to gain more traffic too?” Especially when it is free free free. My god this is so simple. Yet so effective. Every traffic blast site has basically the same concept. Submit your site. Surf and get surfed.

Same concept yes exactly the same no….

Take a look at SocialSurf4U . Now this site is awesome because the surfing timer is faster. Seven seconds in between page views. Think about that. Unlike Easyhits norm of 15 to 30 seconds page load time Social Surf is faster. However the credit build is less. It usually takes 4 site views to earn a credit with Social. Whereas with EasyHits only two views to earn a credit. Well I did some crunching and it seems like Social takes a slight lead when it comes to credit gain rate. Hey don’t take my word for it. Check it out.

Easy Hits bottom line?

When it comes down to it folks the more resources you have the better. Hey I refuse to pay to have my self noticed  via the web and you should not have to pay either Especially if you can do it for free! Yes these sites have upgrades for more exposure should you want to go that route. However since I am gaining all the exposure the way I chose I will stick to it. Keep in mind people just because we gain traffic we need to produce content to keep traffic.  With that being said I will leave you with the links to my resources. And will add more in the future. Take a look at the link section below. And start gaining multiple streams of traffic now! Oh here’s a little hint for you. Study these sites carefully you could make money just by simply clicking ads. Check the top link to see how!


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And try this link for free advertising as fast as you can type and post.

More to come soon good luck.