Blogger whats that? From what I understand it is a web publisher, who finds different articles of interest to share with others. If you have a computer and you know how to write your good to go right? On the contrary that is not always the case. Some people have it instilled in them. And then some of them struggle at it. I swear I am one of them lol. But then again I am young.

I do not mean young as in age. I am talking about being new to the wide world of blogging. Therefore I have not quite found my niche. But I am working on it. In addition to this site I have three more. Why so many? Pretty simple I am experimenting with them. Well the one I have pretty much scrapped. Because the people I got it from said it plus another was free. Well they were not actually lying you know.


Other than Face Book Twitter etc = no such thing folks, one way or another you are going to be forking out dough for the venture especially if you wish to capitalize on it and earn cash for your writing. Did you find your niche yet. Google Trends is a real  good tool for discovering your niche. It is also the best way to find a match between your interests and others. Equally important Google has one of the most largest if not the largest indexing search engines today. Most importantly they are free to become indexed on.

Becoming side tracked in my writing….

Ladies and gentlemen, I am not going to lie. I just set this blog site up this morning.And I am so enthralled in it that more thoughts come to my head. Hence I seem like I am rambling. Not only that I am on a mission here. To become fully recognized by Googles Search by the end of the day. So you can understand where I am coming from. Anyways start by finding your niche. Lets say for instance that my niche is writing about blogging. It might be a good one especially if it is drawing  attention from you the reader. I know my daughter Sammi has found TRAINS, to be her niche.  

Not only that she is also a storm chaser. There is another subject she can relate to others about! So why am I telling you about her. Because she has expressed an interest in blogging. She already does that on Twitter and Face Book enough to gain a lot of followers. Thus one of the reasons for making a new blog site. She can probably type like the breeze she feels when she stands beside a locomotive passing by. And I wish for her to join me here as a publisher.

Oh no I got derailed again. Anyways the bottom line is find your niche first. And then make sure you study on how to get it out there. I will throw a few options myself later.

Happy Blogging.

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