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Wealthy Affiliates? Pointing fingers  in the direction of? “Now what the hell is he talking about?”, you ask. This is one of many installments that will probably get a lot of tongues wagging. Not only that but probably piss a lot of people off too. Not to mention it might even get me banned form there. Oh well everyone, in my opinion it was a complete waste of time to sign up free.

Your very first mistake is clicking this

Wealthy Affiliates Free?

Horse hockey! Yeah you can go there create two sites free for seven freaking days. But you would been better off spending those seven days researching those guys. Free live chat to other affiliates there for seven days, so you can get tips on finding your niche and trouble shooting. Okay, think about it.No one is going to able to build a blog while trying to chat for information. Whereas you should be concentrating on your material.

These Guys Care?

So what happens after 7 free days. You have to pay $19.00 to go premium for the first month so you can take courses on how to do stuff you probably won’t even use anyways. And it certainly is not going to be financially fulfilling like they say it will.

And after the first month, the prices go up in order upgrade to yearly. Do you think that is going to help make you rich your wrong. All you are basically doing is making them rich. Sure they will show you tips and tricks on how to monetize your site, after you go buy one and transfer it to their host. And who knows that might cost you somewhere along the line.

All they care about is lining their pockets with your cash. Remember I started out green in the blogging world and even with only a week of it I was already researching different possible ways of getting recognized. So in my research of reading articles I get a nice neat looking ad like the first image you see here. So what do I do click on the ad to see what all the hype was about.

Wealthy Affiliates Click here to find out how it works……

If I had a penny for every time I have seen that on a web or blog page including my own I wouldn’t have to write. Lets see how it worked. 1. Kyle and Carson probably paid a pretty penny for this ad and more through ad words. Next a blogger like me applied for google ad sense. That is where Google places ads from the top bidder looking for a place post the ad. Thus upon me clicking on the ad the middle man got paid. And since I paid for the premium package the same person got commission from the sale and Kyle and Carson ended up profiting enough to have the ad placed and then some.

Wealthy Affiliates Queationable


“Can I really profit it from this?” ” And learn too?” “Which of the two in the bubble is true about W/A?” I am no expert on the third question. There are testimonials against them and Pictures like the bubble above on Google images. Oh yeah there’s more positive pictures than the bad. But then again both Kyle and Carson are web designers who know how to build pictures with coding. So how many of those positive pictures are real? As for the learning part and profiting from it too, well If you read my first two blogs on this site you will see you do not need to line anyone else’s pockets to do either. So you see where my opinion lies. Bottom line is the two founders will not get another cent from me.

But if you wish to seek out their services good luck. Attention Attention if you read this already be sure to check this link out. I just found it and if you are thinking about joining those shysters group be sure to Check Here now.

The days are ticking down. And I am about to unleash this page to the entire W/A community. Everyone keeps asking if it is worth it to join the premium membership. Not to mention if the marketing is legit. Yeah it’s legit alright. Loop da loop legit where everybody promotes them as usual. Hell they all are trying to get each other to buy into their promo link. So far I have seen three people build blogs dealing with online scams. And everyone of them directs the reader to join W/A. However if you want to start making money now without circle referrals follow the link Here.





6 thoughts on “<span class="hpt_headertitle">WEALTHY AFFILIATES POINTING FINGERS</span>

  • August 17, 2017 at 1:42 am

    fantastic publish, very informative. I’m wondering
    why the other specialists of this sector don’t realize this.
    You must continue your writing. I’m sure, you
    have a huge readers’ base already!

    • August 19, 2017 at 8:49 am

      This is just the beginning! I am learning the ins and outs of this blog business. I am currently experiment with how to draw a viewer base through many different ways now.

    • August 14, 2017 at 9:31 am

      Thank you for your comment I also checked out your website. Very Interesting a route I am exploring also. I just have to figure out exactly how to go about doing it. Things are taking time but slowly adding up. Keep on coming back for more.

    • August 14, 2017 at 9:34 am

      Well apparently I have begun getting peoples attention on this matter. I simply had a bad experience with those guys and decided to pull the plug and let everyone know. Keep coming back for more. Thank you


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